Community Service Opportunity

VISTA Summer Associate

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The AmeriCorps VISTA program has just reassigned us 10 Summer Associates VISTAs for 10 weeks.  

Bucarabón Foundation together with Recreation and Sports and Monte Vacation Center of the State of Maricao are looking for people interested in promoting educational practices that connect healthy physical activity, sports and nature.

Position: Recreational VISTA Developer

Among the Duties and Responsibilities:

• Organize physical health and sports clinics focused on outdoor activities.

• Promote recreational and scientific bird watching, botanical and weather observation activities and tours.

• Preserve and maintain road access in nearby forests, including for some disabled populations.

• Serve as a tour guide on forest trails

• Organization of sports groups, including hiking.

• Maintain basic security for the population of the forest/park.

• Cleaning and decoration of recreational areas


• Stipend (Living allowance approximately $2,718)

• At the end of service, you can choose between a scholarship to continue studies of approximately $1,252 or an end-of-service stipend of approximately $311.

Minimum requirements:

• Availability to work 32 hours per week

• Have a vehicle


Beginning Monday, May 23, 2022 through Friday, July 29, 2022.


It will be a unique opportunity for all those interested in collaborating in our communities.


This opportunity offers you the benefit of obtaining professional and community service experience in AmeriCorps VISTA, which counts as experience at the federal level for future opportunities.


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If you are interested, fill out the following application:

AmeriCorps VISTA



We are looking for volunteers interested in the FSI 2.0 project with the purpose of ending hunger, achieving food security, better nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture in our area to start in the coming months.



•Economic Support: Members receive a bi-weekly living allowance to cover basic expenses of approximately $575.00.

•Professional Development Training: Opportunity to attend trainings to learn how to be a community development change agent.

•Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE): AmeriCorps allows members to obtain federal non-competitive eligibility, giving members an advantage in the federal hiring process.

•End of Service Stipend: Members can choose between an education award (scholarship valued at approximately $6,000) or a cash stipend of $1,800.

•Health Benefits: The AmeriCorps VISTA Health Benefits Program is a health coverage program and is not considered insurance. The plan pays for most emergency, medical and surgical costs, hospitalization, and prescription drug needs members may have during their term of service.

Eligibility Requirements:

•Be over 18 years old (no upper age limit)

•Pass a background check

•Availability to work 32 hours per week

•Have a vehicle


1 year contract renewable up to 3 years.


For more details write to us and send your updated resume to this same address: