Financing ConPRmetidos to PR

  • To carry out aspects of remodeling

  • Finance the development of an agro-culinary incubator in the old school kitchen and to train entrepreneurs.


Global Giving Financing

  • For the construction of our website

  • Workshops on women's rights and a workshop on sustainability and development in the mountains.


Corporation for National and Community Service-US Government

  • Approval of application for three AmeriCorps VISTA positions.


Funding from the Puerto Rico Community Foundation-USDA

  • To develop business training programs.


Santander Bank

  • Donation of computer equipment and office furniture from Banco Santander.


Financing from the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities

  • For twenty public cultural activities.


In collaboration with Clark University, International Development, Community and Environment

  • Financing for research on housing alternatives after natural disasters.


Development of a working group in collaboration with professors at the Faculty of Agricultural Technologies at UPR-Utuado

  • To develop curriculum and agro-culinary incubator in the mountainous region (Maricao, Utuado, Las Marías, Adjuntas, San Sebastián, Yauco, Sabana Grande).


Organization of cultural activities, public health and social support with various organizations such as:

  • Life expectancy; Fort Washington Collegiate Church; National Puerto Rican Agenda; Attention, Attention Foundation; Brigadas Salubrista, Club de Leones Maricao, Festín PR,


  • The main building of Fundación Bucarabón was remodeled!  It now consists of an events room with capacity for 120 people, a main office, and three other offices.

    • The remodeling included cleaning of the buildings and surroundings, external and internal painting, washing and repairing windows, repairing doors and gates, purchasing furniture for events and offices, lighting, bathrooms, plumbing, security camera system, pressure washing. of floors, external signage, gardens, and communication system (including three computers with internet access).


  • A cooperative arrangement was reached with the PR Department of Agriculture whereby the Department established a subregional office in the FB facilities.

    • This facilitates meetings, training workshops in agriculture, and other educational activities for the public and farmers in the area.


  • A battery-powered solar panel system was installed that provides up to nine hours of continuous electrical power to the building when there is no sunlight.


  • Presence was established in the media and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.


  • Use permits were requested and are kept up to date.


  • The surroundings are weeded monthly.


All of these achievements have been made possible by our active corps of volunteers, private donations, and private or non-profit entities.



  • The investment in infrastructure was approximately $ 25,000.


  • Fundación Bucarabón served as a catalyst for more than 20 voluntary organizations in our area.


  • State and federal volunteering was used reaching approximately 100 volunteers.


  • More than 5,000 volunteer hours were invested in the communities.


  • Over $ 225,000 in grant and scholarship funds have been raised.


  • More than $ 150,000 in goods and services have been distributed to the communities.


  • 3 full-time jobs and 3 part-time jobs have been created.


  • We positioned ourselves with more than 1,500 followers on social media in the first year.