Who we are / What we want

Fundación Bucarabón aims to help the needs of the community through emphasis on the empowerment and inclusion of women both in the community and labor force.  We provide education and training services to aid in the job creation and strengthening of production chains for local farmers.

Our objective is to create a coordination center for agronomists, technicians, academics, etc..  Through a collaboration with federal and municipal agencies, and universities, both on and off of the island, our goal is for this coordination center to be both a research laboratory and practical space.



Fundación Bucarabón serves as a coordination center for the agricultural extension system in the area and encourages the development of productive linkages between agriculture and complementary sectors. These could be:

  • agricultural tourism

  • hiking

  • recovery of the historical heritage of coffee

  • environmental services

  • promotion and marketing of the region

  • manufacturing activities

  • technology transfer


We are fostering alliances with universities both on and off of the island.  We seek opportunities in tourist markets as well: cultural and social tourism.  Once our kitchen is fully established it will provide jobs, food handling training, and business development (to name a few).



We promote the integral development of women in their multiple roles: professional, social, and economic. In this way, the Foundation develops support services for mental and physical health and the safety of women, including support for children.

Such support can be given through various channels:

  • professional training in childcare

  • self-employment activities

  • training in productive sectors

In the management and advisory group we have experience in educational administration, bilingual education, and human resources.

Fundación Bucarabón is focused on creating economic opportunities for women and their families.  We seek to introduce a gender perspective in economic activities in the area.



P.O. BOX 243 Maricao, 00606, Puerto Rico